There's a better way to manage inflammation.

Breakthroughs are possible. Our total solution helps you find the healthy habits and strategies that will minimize your inflammation.

Why you?

You heard about Adyptation from your employer, and you may be wondering — what is Adyptation, and why me? Our software empowers those living with inflammatory diseases to be fully engaged in their lives, and we have identified you as an ideal candidate to achieve real financial savings and to make real health progress using our software.

Let's try a personalized, coordinated approach to your care.

How inflammation presents in your body is unique, so we designed software that analyzes the patterns and rhythms that are unique to your body. We gather data on your current treatments, symptoms, and biometric data that comes in through wearable devices, and that information enables us to show you how your symptoms fair over time and by the treatments you are on. By bringing all this information together in an intuitive mobile app, we can show you how your treatments and lifestyle affect your ability to engage fully in your life.

Our software is easy for you to use on your own, but to ensure you achieve the best results, we pair you with a physician specialist who specializes in managing chronic inflammation. These specialists have access to the same insights you have in the app and can offer guidance on how you can make changes that will lead to healing. They care about getting to the bottom of what triggers your inflammation so you can learn which behaviors help you feel your best and which behaviors to avoid so you can reduce or eliminate flares.

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Why You Should Try Alerts

Member FAQs

Here are some of the questions we get the most. If you have a question and don’t see it answered here, please feel free to reach out to us.

If I sign up for Alerts, can I still see my doctor?

Yes. Although we assign you to a specialty care team, there is no obligation for you to stop seeing the specialist who treats your chronic inflammatory condition. You may find that having at least two specialists between the person or group we assign to you and your own specialist isn't necessary, or you may want the physician you've been seeing before Alerts to see how it works. If that is the case, you are welcome to invite your physician to sign up to become an approved provider! For more information on why your physician may want to become an approved provider, have him or her check out our providers page.


I own a wearable device. Can I use that with Alerts?

If your wearable device is compatible with Alerts software, then yes, you can use a wearable device that you already own. Your employer may provide reimbursement if you purchase a device to use with Alerts. Check your onboarding materials for more information on whether that is an option available to you.

Which wearable devices can I connect to Alerts?

Alerts is compatible with Oura Ring and more than 20 Fitbit devices, including the Fitbit Sense. We also are adding Apple Watch to our platform this fall (2021).

To be compatible with Alerts, a Fitbit device must be compatible with the Fitbit app (some older Fitbit models are not compatible with the Fitbit app, which means Alerts is not able to retrieve data from the sensors in those wearables). Adyptation is working to make more wearable devices compatible with its platform, so be sure to check our products page regularly for updates about which devices are compatible with our software.


Give our solution a go.

We designed a solution that gets right at the challenges you face, and we connect you with resources and support from advocates and providers to ensure maximum convenience and results. What’s stopping you?