Your disease does not have to control your life.

Breakthroughs are possible. Our total solution helps you find the healthy habits and strategies that will minimize your symptoms.

Why you?

You heard about Adyptation from your employer, and you may be wondering — what is Adyptation, and why me? Our solution empowers those living with rare, chronic diseases (sometimes called specialty diseases) to be fully engaged in their lives, and we have identified you as an ideal candidate to achieve real financial savings and to make real health progress with our solution.

Let's try a new approach to your care.

We analyze biometric data that participants share via wearable devices like Fitbitbit watches and Oura rings, and that information fuels research we do to identify more effective treatments for your condition. In the meantime, we connect you with a team of people who are on a mission to make every aspect of your experience from coordination to care amazing.

We surround you with the support you need to get results.

We assign you a care advocate, a health coach, and a clinical pharmacist or physician specialist, all of whom are compassionate, ready to listen, and keen on leveraging their expertise to help you feel your best.

Give our solution a go.

We designed a solution that gets right at the challenges you face, and we connect you with resources and support from advocates and providers to ensure maximum convenience and results. What’s stopping you?