We help with your most complex patients

You will be able to...

Capture your patients everyday data

This is done through the use of a mobile application. We will ask everyday questions to help log your patients health journey.

Have it analyzed using advanced algorithms

We will prepare the data collected using technology developed through the United States Air-force Research Labs.

See a realtime interactive display

You will receive an interactive dashboard to display the progress of health in your patient body. You can drill down on sections to gain new insights.

Benefits Of The Program

Set your practice apart.

Our solution is unlike any other on the market today. Use our program to show your patients your extra commitment to their health. 

Get quantifiable results in care.

When dealing with a complex disease sometimes it’s hard to know if someone is getting better or not. Our system allows you to bench mark their health journey and show improvements.   

Use the program for Medicare reimbursements.

Our program may help you meet requirements under Medicare reimbursement programs and can be used to validate care. 

Bring all of your testing into one dashboard

Are you collecting other biometric data that you would like displayed? Our team of developers can connect your current systems into your new dashboard. 

Have your patients interacting with your programs daily.

Having your patients interacting with your care plan on a daily basis increases adoption of the program. They will feel secure and taken care of knowing that you’re on the other end recieving their inputs. 

Have a more meaningful connection with your patients

Do you spend time during each appointment asking your patients to recall pass information? Now you can speed up the interaction and get right to what matters most. Simply look at the patients dashboard and daily logs to get a full picture.

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