Complex problems require total solutions.

And we don’t think complex disease should be tackled any differently. We put patients first, and we make sure they get the tools and the support they need to put their health goals within reach.

The right tools empower patients with data-driven insights.

We equip patients with a mobile app called Alerts (available on Android and iOS) that builds an intricate data profile on the user.  We consolidate a variety of information on the patient ranging from biometric data and treatment details to the severity of the patient’s symptoms and show patients and their providers how their symptoms fair over time and by the treatment strategies the patients are on. Alerts equips users with the information that can help them make the changes that will have the utmost impact on their quality of life. 

More than 73% of our subscribers report quality of life improvements.

In addition to a mobile app, we arm patients with a wearable device that is compatible with Alerts. Patients can choose from more than 20 Fitbits, Apple Watch, and the Oura Ring to track biometric data that feeds into Alerts. These devices give patients a deeper look into things like their physical activity and their sleep.

The Alerts app quantifies treatment effectiveness.

Alerts compares a patient’s ongoing symptoms with the patient’s treatment strategies and shows both whether symptoms are changing over time as a result of those treatment interventions and also the extent to which symptoms have changed and whether those changes are durable. This gives gives ample insight as whether any of the patient’s treatments are having enough of a positive impact to justify their continued use.

Relationships with the right physicians help patients achieve the best health outcomes.

To ensure they get the most from these tools, we pair patients with their own physician specialist. These docs are direct specialty physicians from a variety of fields, including rheumatology, gastroenterology, family practice, and more. These specialists are more than just doctors. They are medical experts who approach their practice with a health coaching focus, which means these physicians prioritize spending quality time with their patients to establish a meaningful relationship based on trust and the pursuit of the same goals — to uncover the root cause of disease and empower the patient to take control over their health. These docs have their own login to Alerts, so they can see what their patients see as their patients track their symptoms and treatments and provide guidance on how patients can make changes to their lifestyle and treatments to maximize the impact on their symptoms.

Together, the patient and the physician can leverage insights to reconcile the patient's medications.

Many patients with chronic inflammation are on multiple medications. Such a steep Rx load not only incurs considerable expenses for patients and their employers, it also poses its own health risks. Because Alerts quantifies treatment effectiveness and patients on our platform work with a specialist to optimize health outcomes, the patient can work with the provider to reconcile their medications and discontinue or reduce dosages in cases where there is no impact or insufficient impact on the patient’s symptoms to justify continued use.

Adyptation is there to support the patient every step of the way.

 Patients living with chronic inflammation are embroiled in the healthcare system. Getting answers to their questions and finding the resources they need can be frustrating, fruitless, and time-consuming. We are dedicated to providing an unparalleled experience that makes things as easy as possible for them so they can focus on what matters most — their health. That’s why, from the very first introduction through the entire journey of using our total solution, Adyptation’s staff is there to support patients with whatever they need. 

When patients win, everyone wins.

We didn’t just design this solution with patients in mind. With our total solution, benefits abound for everyone involved.


With Adyptation, self-funded employers can offer their health insurance plan members a benefit that makes an impact. Our total solution targets the plan members whose medical needs consume an outsized portion of the employer’s health budget, offering those employees an unparalleled member experience that gets at the heart of the challenges they face and opening up opportunities for real savings. 


The Alerts app is easy enough for patients to use on their own, and it gives patients and their physicians the perfect platform to collaborate and through which physicians can coach the patient to take ownership over their health. We pay our approved providers per monthly session so they can focus on what matters most — the patient.


Whether you’re an employer wanting to bring health benefits that benefit, a provider looking for tools to help patients achieve breakthroughs, or you’re a person living with chronic inflammation who is ready to try something new, feel free to reach out to us. 

Let’s do something meaningful together.